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Televinken simplifies the call center experience.

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Televinken is a sales and customer service agency that offers call center services to companies that want to achieve growth through quality. We create success together with our partners with successful sales technology and service. Our passion for sales and customer service gives consumers and business customers a positive experience.


Everything we take care of we do with humility. From how we express ourselves in our sales calls to how we deal with work colleagues. If we have humble employees, we have a wonderful atmosphere.


Our customers are obviously our ``everything``. That's why we take care of them. But we do not take any assignments. In fact, we are quite picky and place high demands on you as a client.


We will always be ``service minded``. We respond on time, we help our customers, we deliver on time.


It is our employees are the Televinken, but they would not exist. That's why we work together to make everyone happy. We have continuous activities, training and reviews so that we keep up to date with each other and our customers and assignments.

Working Environment

t is important for us that our employees have a good working environment. We get variation by allowing employees to choose a new workstation every day. It is also important for us to have mobility and flexibility, therefore all workplaces are equipped with wireless headsets.


We use the latest technology in systems, computers and headsets. All workstations start the day completely zeroed, when the agent logs in, all necessary information is automatically retrieved from a central server. This ensures world-class operation and security, and it also creates tremendous flexibility.


We sit in fresh and state-of-the-art premises. We want to represent quality and professionalism. We fully show that which is appreciated by everyone.

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Our employees are our most important resource. Without you, we have no customers. And together we try to do everything to make you feel comfortable with us. You are searching by contacting us below.